New Years Eve in New York


Any one else doing this? Would be nice to chat with anyone I’ll be brining 2017 in with :slight_smile:

#2 might not be able to add me but can send a message so I can add you


Hey Everyone,
I just booked the December School of Rock departing New Orleans and have added on the New York New Years! I am so excited to be spending my Christmas in Chicago and New Years in New York!
I am from Newcastle NSW and have been lucky enough to have visited the West Coast of America and can’t wait to see some Eastern areas!



so far we have created a Fb page, only 4 members so far, but can we add you? we are all doing the coast to coast and then the new york new years! :slight_smile:
theres a lot of ally yates!


Oh okay yep so I will be meeting you four in New Orelans for the School of Rock tour! My facebook is actually :slight_smile:


Hey y’all

I am doing NYE as well I am from the central coast

Add me on face Book as well Skye Rheann


Hi Everyone!!!

I’ll be bringing NYE in with you as well! I’m also doing the road trip USA Ex LA leaving on the 7th Dec.

So excited already!!!


Do you want to join our facebook group?


That would be fab!


I just sent you a facebook request :smile:


Hey hey! I’ll be doing the Road Trip USA leaving LA on Dec 7th 2016, is there a Facebook page I can search for to find all you guys? My name is Jarrad Lawford and I’m from Perth travelling solo before a month snowboarding in Canada :ok_hand:t4::snowboarder:


Hey Jarrad! How exciting… There is a group ok FB under Topdeck USA 2016/17 . Most of us are doing the road trip USA or coast to coast (they link up together) and New Years in New York! Let me know if you have trouble finding it :slight_smile:


Hey! I will be doing the Coast to Coast departing LA and then the New York New Years tours back to back. Can’t wait to meet all of you! Not long to go now :slight_smile:


Do you have Facebook? We have a group!


Hey guys, Im doing the road trip USA leaving on the 7th plus New years in NY, is there any way I can be added to the fb group, I couldnt find it! plus im travelling solo


What’s your name on Facebook? And your profile pic? So I have a rough idea who to look for hehe :slight_smile:


Rebecca bramley and I’m from cambridge, new zealand


There are two of you but none say which country etc etc haha!


Hey everyone! Hope you enjoyed your New York New Years tour!! I’m looking at booking a NY tour around then and was wondering if you had any feedback from the tour you did? Any info would be greatly appreciated!! Mariah :slight_smile:


Hi @mazzz13
It was awesome. Amazing accommodation which was only a few blocks from time square. Tour leader had lots of options for night activities but most of us were buggered from the 25 day trips we were on before hand so didn’t go. NYE party was pretty subpar but TD have responded to feedback really well and compensated us all generously.
Very short and sweet but a very quick way to see NYC, would recommend a longer stay if you have the chance. Totally regret only staying for 5 nights!