New traveller!


Hi guys, I am looking at booking my first overseas trip similar to, if not the one below:

Just wondering how much spending money would I need to save up to have a good time? Looking at going in May 2012


Hey there,

Naturally everybody’s spending varies. There are many souvenirs to be bought and a great social scene should you wish to join in! Many of your meals (including lunches on EuroClub & EuroCamping trips) are included, so this really just leaves the occasional meal and your personal spending to budget for. Throughout the trip, your Trip Leader will also inform you of optional activities which you can participate in, such as a gondola ride in Venice or an excursion up the Jungfrau Mountain in Switzerland. Most people budget on approximately €70 per day including optional activities and some souvenirs.

Hope this info helps!
Topdeck Team