New traveller...... any advice? :)


HI!!! getting very close to my trip now and was just wondering if u have any advice for me? Anything from money to what to take would be really helpful!! Thank you xxx


What trip are you going on?
At the moment my husband and I are looking to take at least 10grand. as for luggage pack light. sensible shoes as well. Im still getting my head around packing.


One of the best pieces of advice I got was to purchase a pegless clothesline easily found on Ebay or camping stores.

  1. Buy decent, good walking shoes. You will do a crap load of walking.
  2. Small umbrella or light weight water proof jacket - the heavens will open up at some point and it’s best to be prepared.
  3. Money - having done it before I went through around $100EU per day, that was including drinking (of which i did most days… but beer is cheap!).
  4. When you see a supermarket in any town or city, stock up with snacks, it saves buying them on the road at service stops where the markup is usually insane!
  5. Do everything, enjoy yourself!


Thanks guys really appricate it!! Can’t wait :slight_smile: xx


Not sure if you’ve gone already but thought I’d give my 2 cents worth haha.

I went to Europe last year by myself and took one of those clothes lines and never used it. I ended up just paying someone to do my laundry which cost about $6-$10 for a full load so just did that too.
DEF agree with the umbrella, I didn’t take one and wish I did. If your camera runs on disposable batteries, take extra.
Try and do absolutely everything and then just sleep on the bus.
Pack light, I took 13kgs over and came back with just under 30kg - so just be prepared for that.
Moneywise, I budgeted on about $1k a week which allowed me to do everything I wanted to and come back with a bit extra.

Other than that, just have a great time :slight_smile: