New tours after September/November?


hey there
Was just wondering if topdeck runs tours during November and December because they all seem to end around September/October this year, but I’m intending to go overseas from mid November and am really interested in the Britain/Ireland tour, i think it sounds amazing, but with the dates being up until September, i wasn’t sure if they run from after then.
Do they maybe run the same tours or similar ones in that time or is it a sort of non travel period?
Apologies if this is a silly question, i just couldn’t find it anywhere on the site.
And if they do, is anyone aware of roughly when they’re announced/when they become available?

If anybody could please clear this up, would be much appreciated :slight_smile: thanks in advance


Hi Aimee,

Our Britain and Ireland trips generally run May through to September when the British weather is a bit warmer. If you’re interested in a Europe tour, we do hold many of these over the winter period, including November.

Topdeck Team