New to top deck


Hey guys,

New to top deck looking at booking the Spain and Portugal Columbus trail

I have a few questions

I am aware it’s euro club, can a couple book and be in same room?? Would we be in a room with other people??

Does the coach have a toilet?

What are the hostels we would stay at?


Heya! So Ive actually booked the Columbus trail for sept 10-19. Ive been on 2 other Topdeck trips. My experience with my last europe trip was that yes, the coach had a toilet… but it got clogged up. We stopped every 2 hours for food/bathroom. Yes a couple can book, you just might share a room with 2 other people if its a 4 room hostel. usually nice when its another couple. But you can totally be in the same room as your partner. As for the hostels, you find those out once you put the deposit down. All hostels, excursions are given to you at that point. Top deck is pretty lenient and fun. Its the reason why im now going on my 5th tour this time around. Booked 3 tours this time. Hope this helps!