Nervous about traveling solo!


Hey, I’m Kayla, 19 from suffolk in the UK, I really want to go travelling this summer, but being nervous about going solo lead me to topdeck so I’m not so alone! However it still frightens me! I’m deciding between summer fun and sailing and grand european. Both sound AMAZING but I just wondered how many people tend to do either of these trips solo? I think I might be leaning more towards the grand european, although sailing through the greece on the sailing trip sounds so lush. I’d be hoping to go anytime between mid june to the end of July (though the later the better, it just gets more expensive later on!) It’s just not having anyone to come with me, I’m worried about spending the whole trip on my own if everyone already came in groups/with friends or boyfriends etc, which would suck for me!

Any advice would be great, thanks! B-)


Hey Kayla,

My name is Julia I live in Alabama in the US and I am 22. I wanted to encourage you to go on a trip. Most people that do these trips go by themselves. I have studied abroad by myself and interned in DC by myself. Through both those experiences I realized that when you go on group things like this it is easy to make friends because no one else has any and they are really ready to meet people. It is just like being a freshmen in college. If you want to take a look at my trip it leaves May 9th and it is 21 days. It is called the timeless trail and it is the first leg of the European Pioneer trip. I hope this helped. Let me know if you want to talk about anything else.




Thanks :slight_smile:
I really ought to just suck it in and book it! I’m mid way through a gap year and starting uni next year, which will throw me into a whole new group of people so I’ll have to get used to it one way or another, and again in my 3rd year I’m spending it abroad in Japan - So if I do it now or then I’ll be putting myself in the position of not knowing anyone :slight_smile: Your trip looks really fun too, I had loads of trouble narrowing it down to the two trips I had! The benefits definitely outweigh any worries in my head! :smiley:


Hi Kaylaleigh,

I too encourage you to go alone. I went on the Britain and Ireland tour last September alone and there were only 2 sets of people who went together, a couple with the girls sister, and 2 girls who were friends. EVeryone else were solo travellers and it was fantastic! We all became really close friends and have stayed in contact since! You won’t regret it believe me!!! You’ll make friends the DAY the tour starts! :smiley: And writing in this forum to see who is going on your tour is a good way to meet people before even going on the tour. I met with 3 people 2 days before the tour even started and we got to know each other before the tour. I’m doing the same in September when I do Bravo Italia!

Good luck. :slight_smile:



Thanks Becca :slight_smile: This makes me feel much better! All I need is he nerve to book it now!


hey there

i am going on europe essentials in April and also a bit nervous of going solo but hoping for the best :). anyone going on this trip by any chances? and the hotels? are they good?


I have done contiki tours in the USA and at least of the tours have had people who are travelling by themselves and the rest that travelling with other people always interact with everyone else as well. This last tour I did which was a 25 day tour there were people who were travelling with friends but there were no couples on the tour.