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I’m Kailash going on East meets West Starting from Budapest August 30th.I just received my passport from embassy and was granted single entry visa(I am an Indian citizen so I need visa for schenegen countries) despite of giving all supporting documents and my trip requiring multiple entry visa as this tour starts from Budapest-ends in London and after that I fly to Denmark for my other tour.

My question is if I leave the tour on the last day of East meets west.As on last day they leave Amsterdam to go to London reaching the same day at night ( if I go London I wont be able to enter schenegen states as I have a single entry visa and cannot reapply as time is short.)

Is that a good idea to do to just stay in Amsterdam for a day or two alone before flying to Copenhagen?

Please advice what to do in such a case as I don’t have much time now. [v]


Hi Kailash

We are unable to give you confirmed advice on the matter. But I am South African and as far as I am aware you will not be able to regain entry into the Schengen area once you entered the UK so it may be advisable to stay in Amsterdam and fly straight to Copenhagen.

The best advice I have is to check out our VISA
section and get in touch with your local embassy to find out the exact rules about a single entry visa!

All the best and enjoy your travels!!

Topdeck Team



Thanks for replying back.I was thinking if I should go with the tour till Bruges in Belgium(Thats a mid stop between amsterdam and london ,meaning last Schengen stop.

I checked with embassy and got to learn single entry visa If I exit the schengen states once I wont be able to enter back.

So my question is where should I really get down.

1.Bruges Belgium(As I can take a train to Brussels from there which is around 1 hr to reach there)


As flight+ hotel for both the places are costing almost the same.Please advice as I’m a solo traveler.I dun want to leave the tour but circumstances and time for reapplying is not really in my hands.

Please advice


Hey Kailash

And the end of the day the choice is yours but logistically it may be easier to leave the trip in Amsterdam. I can’t advice the exact time that you will get into Brugge so things could prove a bit more stressful if you have to catch a train to Brussels and then a flight to Copenhagen.

Hope this helps!

Topdeck Team