Need flight advice


I’ve been quoted a flight from Perth - London (its a year ticket) for 1906 on QF/BA. Only thing I have against this is I would be arriving at 450AM - the next day[br][br]The next cheapest flight (that gets in at a civil time) is 2321 on SQ and gets in a 8:15pm - the same day.[br][br]Which one should I pick? I’m a newbie to international flights so dont know the differences in how jetlag might affect me with the different times. Advice would be great.


I don’t have advice but I too am arriving at a bad time (5:30) becasue it saves alot of money. [br][br]My plan is to hang at the airport until I can get a bus to my accomodation and then drop my luggage off.[br][br]I willprobably regret this but I only have a day in London and I think that is would be exciting walking around with jetlag haha[br][br]:)[br][br]But there is the other option of paying for a nights accomodation even though you wont be there the whole time, but it would be good if you could check in and go straight to sleep![br][br]Hannah[br]


Hi Mish,[br][br]My advice is to firstly look at the prices then look at the airline. Personally i would rather fly Qantas but purely as its Aust. I have aslo flown with Qatar, Singpore, Air new zealand, BA and a heap more. Any of the major ones as I stated above are good. [br]In regards to jet lag, I have flown to Europe twice before. I found on both times that flying over I had no jetlag however flying back i had jet lag. I have heard this is standard. Notsure how it works. I think flying over you will be excited to be there, so your body probably hides the jet lag, where flying home, when the funs over, you probably think of it more. Does that make sense? B)[br][br]You may also find that the earlier flight into London will help you avoid the busy trains from airport to city as well, as they can get busy and your 8am flight would be around morning peak hour for London. Just food for thought, hope it helps.[br][br]Winter Spirit 10th Dec 2009 to 2nd Jan 2010


Hiya. My friend and i arrived around 5 in the morning too when we went to london. We dropped our bags off at the hotel and went wondering around. It’s quite good because you force yourself to stay awake and therefore there’s less jetlag because you’re awake for the day and you’ll crash at night as usual =D[br][br]European Odyssey '09


I have to agree with Peramiell![br]I arrived at London Heathrow at 5.30am. Did not get to London City until 7.30-8am - going through Customs etc. [br]We dropped off our bags at the hotel and wandered around. You will most likely be staying at the Umi Hotel or close by there. You can go explore at Notting Hill / Portobello Markets etc. Or anywhere in London! There is so much to do. [br]I slept like a baby that night cos i was so buggered from the flight and all the walking![br][br][br]Sandy[br]Essential Europe 29th Sept - 10th Oct 2009


Heya[br][br]I am flying from Perth as well. Personally jetlag id going to kill you either way ( for some reason i’ve found it’s worse on the way back??) so if you are money conscious then go the morning. I will be flying in early then catching the bus as the tubes arent running?[br][br]Just something to think of. [br]:slight_smile:


Everyone is making good points. Landing early morning forces you to be awake all day and sleep all night in London time which will force you to get over your jet lag much quicker… having said that, a 24 hr flight takes it out of you, no matter what time you leave. [br][br]Plus getting in a 5:30am doesn’t mean you’ll be walking around London at 6am, once you go through Customs and collect all your baggage, figure out buses/tubes it’s likely you’ll be wandering around London at a fairly civilised hour. [br][br]I’d go the early flight and save on the money! But either one really.[br][br]Frankie :slight_smile:


tips for travelling overseas…[br][br]1. if possible, try and adjust to the timezone you are travelling to before you go on your trip… sleep during the hours you would be sleeping when you are overseas.[br]2. try and sleep as much as possible on the plane.[br]3. stay awake during the day when you have reached your destination… do something active to make sure you dont fall asleep, but dont overdo it either.[br][br]The reason jetlag mainly occurs on the trip home is because you are losing time… On the trip to Sydney from England for instance you will lose a day due to the travelling. Travelling from Sydney to most destinations in the world, you gain time… [br][br]Drop off your baggage at the hotel as soon as you get there… it doesnt matter if you are unable to check in at the time… most hotels do have the option to keep your bags for you until you can check in to your room.[br][br]Sarah