Navigation without a SIM


Anyone who is interested in using offline GPS when abroad ~

  • As in doesn’t require a mobile signal / SIM Card

I recently downloaded HERE WeGo app on my iPhone. You basically go through and download each city, country or continent you’re travelling to. It can used a fair amount of space on your iPhone, but no problem if you have at least 64GB.

After downloading the map, it uses the built-in GPS receiver to pin point your location. Googlemaps has a similar feature where you can download (cache) favourite maps. I haven’t tried that. HERE WeGo allows you to save points of interest and you can also search street names, and city too. All offline.

After setting up a number of POIs and verifying different locations, the map data I think should be fairly up to date. However may not include any recent roadworks / upgrades.

Any questions, please ask. I will be going on the Eastern Escape leaving 28th July 2017.