Navigating :)


Hey everyone I’m a first time traveler going solo from nz. And just curious how hard it is to navigate airports on transfer flight ect. Specifically Houston and Frankfurt . Thanks :slight_smile:



When are you travelling? I’m flying into and (3 days later) out of Frankfurt in about 5 weeks from now. Airports vary quite a bit on how easy they are to navigate. Heathrow for instance is pretty great, esp considering how huge it is. Unfortunately American airports aren’t the best (not helped by all their “security”). For just simply arriving it is fairly easy as you just go with the flow :-). For transferring make sure you know what terminals you are flying in and out of and if different check out airport maps to see how far apart they are and how you get between them etc. America you’ll probably have to go through customs even if transferring from one international flight to another (you definitely have to in LA) so make sure you allow for that.


Thanks. I fly out on may 2. Just concerned about where I have to go for transfers to different flights


3 days before me, I fly out on the 5th. I’m like crazy shy and I’ve found my way around various airports around the world OK, although my travel agent knows what I’m like so books appropriately where possible.


So what I have done when transferring in airports is looking at both the airport website and your plane companys website. Often both will have information about transferring in general and the airport website will generally say what airlines depart from what terminal and what terminal your flight arrives in so it makes it easier looking at the airport maps and you can figure out a rough route to where you need to go :slight_smile:
That’s what I do anyway and it helped me :slight_smile:


Thanks so much. Will have to start looking them up