Nationalities on tour


For anyone whos been on tour, what other nationalities were on your tour?
I know they say there’s usually quite a few Australians, but I also think it would be great to meet people from other parts of the world to.


Hey mishmush!

Rest assured we get a good variety of people from all over the world. I have been on a trip (20 Day European Getaway) and there was a mix of Americans, Canadians, Australians, New Zealanders, Indians, South Africans and Colombians. Every trip is different but they is generally a diverse mix of people.

Happy travels!

Topdeck Team


We did a winter trip, and our coach only had 3 other Aussies. We had a really diverse gourp - some Columbians, Koreans, Japanese, a few Saudi Arabians boys, one Brazilian, Americans, Canadians and even a few English people. Each trip is pretty much and individual microcosm as far as I could tell from teh other trips we saw on the road!


I was on the Berlin to Oslo tour last year where I was the only American (and the only one from North America!) It was mostly Aussies and Kiwis, but also people from Great Britain, China, and Brazil.


I just did a winter tour and we were all aussies except for 2 kiwis, a columbian,a mexican and a south korean…tour guide said she had never seen so many aussies on one tour…we were obviously an exception


I’m from the Uk and going on the July 11th Mega European!! There seems to be loads of Australians and Americans on our thread… but to be honest… I’m, not too fussed, as long as everyone is up for a laugh it doesn’t really matter where they come from i suppose! :slight_smile:
I literally cannot wait!


I went on the Winter Wonder trip back in March. The majority on the trip were from Australia but we also had Mexican, South African, Japanese and myself from Northern Ireland! The trip leader was from Scotland and the bus driver was from England so all together we had a fun mix of people! ;D