Nab gold card



Does anyone know of a good travel card/ bank card to use while travelling which has no fee’s and has a good exchange rate. I currently have the NAB gold card however this is changing to have fees by the 10th August. $4 every withdrawal and $1 per balance inquiry + 2% conversion fee. This was a good card to use is there anything similar?




I’m looking at getting the ANZ travelcard. $11AU to issue and load the money initially. No commission to load (except 1.1% to reload it via BPAY). I think they said $2.50 per withdrawal at an ATM, but free to use over the counter. Obviously set at ANZ exchange rates. :slight_smile:


Credit Card = 28 Degree’s Mastercard
Travel Card = Multi-Currency Cash Passport ( - 1% loading fee, no with drawl or additional charges (some ATM’s may have additional fee’s though).

I’ve found Travel Cards great, especially with the way the $$$ has been fluctuating lately. If you get one well before you travel, you can always add money to it (like savings) and as it’s converted to Euro when you load it your less likely to take it out again… we don’t leave for our trip until late September and already have all our spending money loaded onto it, got it at a good rate and it’s locked in…

Also have credit card as backup.


just go with your normal every day bank.


ANZ have a Visa card debit type card that you can load in the currency that you need eg Euro, British pound, US dollars. It cost’s about $11.00 to set up and has no fees if you use the credit facility. I am looking at it for when I go to europe, it will cost about 2.50 euro to use the atm. It will already be in the currency you need so there will be no foreign currency fee.