NAB gold banking debit cards


hey guys, i’m looking at getting an account with these guys for the trip. It does say on the website that you get “unlimited foreign currency transactions, including overseas ATM access, at no extra cost” It may sound like a stupid question but does it still charge you a massive withdrawal fee? [br][br]sorry i know it sounds stupid but im trying to watch my pennies. I would really appreciate it if anyone who has used this card overseas thought it was good and how it actually works. If you could let me know approx. how much say a $500 transaction in Euros cost that would be great. just so i can get an idea. [br][br]thanks


I’ve just switched to this for my trip too. As far as i know there are no foreign currency conversion charges and its free to withdraw from any atm. So your $500 transaction would cost you just that! My mum used it when she went overseas. The only time you might get charged is if you use your visa debit as a credit card, the place you use it at might charge you a credit card fee but that would be the same with any credit card i guess.


Hey there,[br][br]I haven’t used this card, but I know that the Wizard Clear Advantage is the same. It’s actually a credit card though, but you can use it as a Debit Card by loading any extra money. No foriegn fees and conversion fees. It’s great! I have had several friends go overseas with this and have said they saved soooo much in fees![br][br]Becky and Russell[br]European Getaway - Dept 3rd Oct-22 Oct 2009[br]From Sydney, Australia


I’ve just switched my NAB account to the Gold Account too.[br][br]They say there are NO fee’s for ATM transactions (withdrawals, balance enquiry’s)[br]However ? if you use your card for transactions (EFTPOS etc) - because it is a VISA debit card you are charged the VISA international transaction fee.[br]Which is 2.5% of the transaction amount.[br]I’ve just confirmed - this conversion fee applies to ATM withdrawals aswell. (! I’ve been told a different thing every time I call, getting very frustrated with them)[br][br]I thought this would be only if you used the card as a credit card - but the girl I spoke to at NAB said that when you use your VISA debit card overseas, any transactions use the VISA account so you have to pay that fee (as its imposed by VISA, not NAB)[br][br]HTH![br][br]Jess & Tim[br]Essential Europe +[br]Berlin to Budapest[br]Aug - Sept 2009


Hey Jess & Tim, [br][br]Did you ask that specifically about gold banking? Coz i think those fees apply to visa debit but not if you have a gold banking account, thats the benefit of it![br][br]Under account related services: Overseas Access at[br][br][br]it has a little footnote that says these fees dont apply to gold banking.[br][br]Its so confusing! But my brother has been using gold banking in south america for the last few months and has managed to not pay any fees at all, so i think its the way to go. I hope!


hey everyone, I went up and specifically spoke to someone about the gold banking debit account and they told me that there were NIL conversion fees and NIL transaction fees whatsoever. I was told by the lady that for International travel that these were the way to go. That it was the best option by far. [br][br]I’m convinced that this is what i am going to get now. Also for those of you thinking about taking a credit card as well, which i was also recommended to do, that NAB have a gold banking credit card also. Which have similar benefits. [br][br]I just tried to get onto the NAB website to post you guys the link but it says that there is currently a problem with the site. When it is available again ill post it. Otherwise if you want to try and have a look just google NAB gold banking credit cards. [br][br]kasey[br]summer fun and sailing august 09


I think the ANZ Travelcard is also worth a look. I can’t remember what the fees were but from memory it was quite good, I think you get charged for atm withdrawals but not EFTPOS. The big plus though is that your exchange rate is fixed. You buy the euros on the card before you go. That’s a big advantage in budgeting and also if the dollar drops heavily for some reason while you’re away.[br][br][br]Europe 10/08/2009 - 28/10/2009[br]European Emperor 20/08/2009[br]Bravo Italia 30/08/2009[br]


Thanks for the extra info Kasey! Good to know[br]I’d spoken to a few different people @ NAB & every one of them told me something slightly different. I thought it seemed like the transaction fee should be waived too when I looked at the fee’s & charges on their website, but couldn’t get them to confirm it.[br][br]& Amy - if your brother is using it without any fee’s so far that’s very promising!! [br][br]Jess :)[br][br][br][br]Jess & Tim[br]Essential Europe +[br]Berlin to Budapest[br]Aug - Sept 2009