Anybody who has previously done a topdeck tour that stayed in Mykonos, dis you stay at a hotel or a hostel and what was there to do in Mykonos? There doesnt appear to be any optional activities to do while we are there that are offered through topdeck


On euroclub we will be staying here -… and as far as i know there isn’t any planned excursions, but many things to do like water sports, horse riding…just laying around chilling :slight_smile: It’s 15min bus ride from Mykonos town. Hope it helps :wink:


I am doing the same tour as you but mine departs on July 8th. How did you find out the places we are staying? Do you know any of the other places we are staying?


Yes my travel agent requested the info from top deck:

Paris- Minsterbed Bagnolet
Swiss-TCS Camping Schutzenbach Lauterbrunnen
Avignon- Camping Auberge Bagatelle
Barcelona- Centric Point Hostel
Nice- Seaside Park
Venice-Campin Alba D’Oro
Florence-Plus Florence
Rome- Camping Roma
Athens-yet to be announced
Mykonos-Mykonos Caming

You can just google all of these and check out the location and pics :slight_smile: I’ll give you ALL the info when i get back :slight_smile: cant wait !!!


Thanks so much for that info