My Travel Cash cards


Hey all, Been looking for a suitable Prepaid cash card to take with me through Europe, and i get alot of recommendations to use travelex, but reading Review after review. I’m not seeing many positive reviews. i came across a company called My Travel Cash
haven’t seen too many bad reviews with this company. Has anyone else used them before or could recommend a decent Cash card? thanks


I’ve heard good things about the GE Money 28 Degrees card too. You can apparently load it and it works like a credit card.

I personally have had no issues with travelex (used them on 2 previous occasions) but I’m taking the ANZ travel card with me on my next holiday for ease of it. Plus they have chips, pins and can be used like a credit card too.


The GE Money 28 Degree card is a credit card… it just has low fee’s for traveling.

I was at the travel expo in melbourne last weekend and my girlfriend and I are traveling UK, Europe and USA later in the year (doing topdeck in europe), there was a stand there for “Cash Passport” and they were selling there Multicurrency cards. The only costs on it are 1% loading fee, however at the show they had a $5 “as much as you want load” valid until the end of March.

I used the travelex card last time I traveled which was great, but this one looks to be a cheaper option, the multicurrency thing is good to as most start there travels in the UK. Check out the link, the only fee’s for with drawl are any the withdrawing bank charge (sort of like here in Aus were we get charge $2 for the privilege). When you load it, you get what ever the exchange rate is on the day, and if you are using it for multicurrency you can transfer funds from one currency to the other if you need to (ie. you can change Euros to Pounds via there webite just from loging into your account).

(its also a master card/debit and has a chip and pin so can be used like a credit card for purchases also).


thanks trent some helpful information :slight_smile: