My Topdeck Family


I can’t pick one memory from my Topdeck tour, because I have so many!! Every moment on my trip was amazing, we joked that we wouldn’t even want to shower because we felt we would be missing out on some kind of adventure - but that held some truth. From canyoning in Austria, to skinny dipping in Nice after a crazy night at Wayne’s bar there was never a dull moment. Even hanging out at the hotel, playing cards (usually hungover) talking about the night before was worthy of some FOMO like emotions. What made my trip amazing was the people, we became one big family and that hasn’t changed. I can truly say I met some lifelong friends. Eleven of us are meeting in Montreal to spend New Years Eve together from all over the world - Toronto, London, New Zealand and more, the adventure has not ended for our tour group! This trip provided so many memories that will last a lifetime, and amazing friends to share it with. I can honestly say that Topdeck provided me with the best month of my life :grinning: