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TO TRAVEL is to give a rest to your soul, to put a joy in your hart, to make new friends or with one word to fill the freedom and the beauty of life. We are leading you on a trip that will realize all your expectations, We are leading you in Macedonia – the land of sun.
Macedonia is located in a Balkan, and its surrounded with Serbia on north, Bulgaria on east, Greece on south and Albania on west. Like a mountainous country that is on the border between Continental and Mediterranean climate, Macedonia is suitable for the development of tourism in any season. Macedonia is a magnificent space where with every step you may touch every moment of time - to see the past and fell the future.
During the trip, in your head will pass countless thoughts such as: Where to find accommodation?; What we will eat?; What places we will visit? … Of course that advances in technology offers many possibilities, but the feeling is different when the same will be seen and experienced. Therefore be at peace. Each of us has different expectations, interests and desires of every journey. Do you like mountain idyll and you enjoy hiking, paragliding or skiing? Or you enjoy the cultural treasures and historical sights? Maybe it fulfills you rural areas and the smell of silence, or you are gourmet and you are looking for the taste of tradition? Are you for the beach, friendship, music, entertainment and enjoyment? … Everyone will find himself in this little piece of land. The feeling is wonderful when you wake up with the sound of waves, when you eat breakfast surrounded by nature, greenery and peace; when you see the world from a different angle and see ancient history before your eyes; its indescribably beautiful, while the sun goes down, you enjoy by the lake with a glass of fine red Macedonian wine and good conversation… Welcome in Macedonia.

We hope that with this post we woke up your curiosity and we will be a motivation for your next destination.
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  1. One (1) Euro = 60 (шеесет денари) denars;
  2. Beer = 1,50 euro ;
  3. Wine = 2 euro
  4. Coffee = 1 euro
  5. Nescafe = 1,40 euro
  6. Pizza = 3 euro
  7. Visit: Balkan Festival, Biljanini izvori, Ohrid Summer festival, Ohrid Marathon, Days of wine, Galicka wedding, Lesnovo, Trpejca (Macedonnian Saint Tropez), Ljubanista, Vevcani, Mariovo, Lazaropole.