My Journey from the Coast to Vegas with Topdeck and Dr Seuss


… I’m going to tell you a secret
… a secret more precious than Golem’s ring
… a secret more classified than the KFC secret recipe
… pinky promise that you won’t tell?

Dr Seuss was once a Topdecker too.
They’ll tell you otherwise but don’t be deceived.
From the lessons you’ll learn to the people you’ll meet;
From the adventures you’ll take on to the places you’ll see,
A topdeck tour is straight out of a Dr. Seuss sheet.

My proof? All the proof that I need is contained in the following 15 Topdecker/Dr. Seuss thoughts that ran through my mind as I toured from the Coast to Vegas with Topdeck.

Can you offer any other explanation?

Believe me yet?

Winter Coast to Vegas - 23rd December 2015
Grand Kiwi ex. Christchurch Feb 4th 2016!

Love these photos :slight_smile: sooo clever… Can’t wait for this trip woohoooo


Thanks Norma - You’re going to have the greatest time and make the greatest friends! Hopefully the weather will be kind to you - Don’t let it stop you from tackling the Grand Canyon hike like it almost did for us by boasting a total cloud inversion! :sunny: :blush:


The photos and the quotes are awesome!


Thanks so much Jean! You can check out more on my blog over at :smile:


Hey ellekirsten,

I have gone through the link. The places & photos are seriously mind blowing.


Thanks Jean! What adventure do you have planned? :smile:


Welcome ellekirsten,

I like thrilling activities and we are planning for a hiking in death valley on a no moon night.

I am so excited about it.