My 3 Tours/Suitcase/Spending Money


Hey Everyone!!!

I am doing the following shortly and just wondering if firstly, anyone else is on these tours, and secondly if anyone can help with my questions below?

  • Check into Clink 17th & 18th April
  • 49 Day Mega European (19th April - 6th June)
  • 7 Days free time in the UK staying at the Clink
  • 21 Day Iberian Voyager (14th June - 4th July)
  • 15 Day Pyramids & Beaches (5th July - 19th July)
  • 2 Days in Dubai

My suitcase measures 80cm x 40cm x 33cm however if I pack it and it’s under the 20kg weight is it ok?

My 3rd trip requires a sleeping bag, is it ok if I take this on my first 2 trips? Will a sleeping bag liner be enough for Egypt?

As I am going away for 3.5 months, does $10k sound like enough spending money?
xo Bec


Hi Bec,

Wow looks like you have an amazing holiday lined up!

In regards to your luggage each person is allowed 1 item of standard size luggage plus a day pack (and sleeping bag if on EuroClub or EuroCamping trip). The maximum weight of your main bag must not exceed 44lbs/20kgs. Size for all bags must not exceed 70cm x 45cm x 25cm.

The Mega European & Iberian Voyager are both EuroClub trips so you will be fine bringing a sleeping bag along with you on these trips as well.

On the Pyramids and Beaches trip you will spend two nights on board a felucca - it can get quite chilly during the night time - you may want something warmer than a sleeping bag liner.

Hope this info helps!

Topdeck Team