Hi all,

I’m in the process of working out what I want to do on my free days on the Mega European trip, and am finding a lot of sites suggest visiting museums and galleries in different cities (particularly Florence, Venice and Barcelona). However, I’ll only really have one day in each of those cities.

So, for anyone who’s been to Europe, be it on this particular tour or not - would you reccomend going to the museums, or is it better to see the sites rather than stay in one building all day?


In Florence there are two main ones that most people on my last tour did… the Uffizi and the museum where the David statue is (the name currently eludes me…). Also Galileo and Michelangelo are buried in one of the churches so that is also cool…

In Barcelona, Sangrada Familie is a MUST… Gaudi was a genius…The outside of this church is just amazing, and so detailed but the inside is breathtaking. There are no word to describe how you feel when you walk in and look up… There are a few other places that gaudi designed and his gardens as well… I didn’t manage to go into the rest of them but if I ever go back I will.

If you are an art lover, the Picasso museum in in the Gothic quarter and well worth a visit. There are some really interesting pieces there and they show how he progressed throughout his career.


look for side enterances on busy days saves tiime lining up and you proberbly see more stuff going in a differnt direction to everyone slse


In National Gallery you will seek best European Paintings in the World. It is not enogh for half a day.
You will have to spend their for a full day. It’s better to carry a map.
Musee du Louvre s a very big art gallery built in a old parsian place. The museum opens
late on Wednesday and Friday. Takes more than 3 hours to complete. You might have heard 'Mona Lisa’
just Follow the crowd and you will find her. It is a lovely museum and i feel like to visit once again.
There is Vatican museum, Rijksmuseum, The British Museum, Van Gogh Museum and many more…