Multi Currency Travel Card


Hey fellow Topdeckers!
I will be doing top deck tours in US (11 days) and Europe (20 days + 14 days traveling alone) and finally 4 nights in Bali before returning home to Australia.

Just wondering what you have done in the past and what you recommend for what currencies to exchange now and what currencies to hold off on until we are there. I don’t want to get it change at home if there are better exchange rates in the countries I go to.

Also what companies or banks you have gone through to get a travel card.



Hey Corey!

I just came back from 6 weeks in Europe and had to switch through a few currencies from GBP in England to Euros for most of Europe, but then there was Hungarian forints, Czech money, and Swiss francs to consider!

I had a reloadable prepaid currency card called Key To the World that I got from Travel Money Oz (should be located near most Flight Centres). You can download the Key tot he World app on your phone and switch between currencies/load more of each. Good to withdraw from all ATMs or alternatively even pay using PayWave technology… (just make sure you have a RFID blocker card or pouch to prevent scammers!)

The rate was really good for Euros and Pounds when I left and that actually locked in that really good rate which was excellent for me. Not sure about now though.

I’ll be heading off to Thailand next month and will be using the same card just with Baht loaded on!!


Hi there,

Are you heading to the US first or Europe first? I would recommend you have a small amount of local currency for whichever country you head to first, as it’s just easier to have a small amount of cash for first day incidentals when you arrive. If you’re heading to Europe first and your trip heads through Switzerland, bring a small amount of Swiss Francs with you and you can withdraw more from the ATMs within town. When I did my tour, I took 150 Swiss Francs and did the Shilthorn optional, and I only needed about 40 more Franc.

I got the Australia Post Load and Go Travel Visa. There was a couple of people on my tour who had issues with the card that Shannon_Thompson has recommended - one card got swallowed by an ATM and the other one didn’t work with a fair few ATMs, so do your research! Other common cards on my trip were CBA Travel Card, Cash Passport and NAB Travel Card. Always make sure you take two cards with you in case you lose one or it gets stolen. Some travel cards come with a spare back up card, but mine didn’t so I took my travel card and mostly used that with my normal Aussie debit card as a backup card.

Have a great trip!


I used a CBA Travel card in Africa without issues. Don’t want to jinx it for my Europe trip in a few weeks. Only hope that CBA dont do the same thing as the Brexit vote and cut off funds for a day.

Have my travel card all loaded up with all the funds I worked out I needed plus some extra. If I need to add more I can hopefully do so via the App.

As well as this I am taking some Euros and Pounds with me to cover some time without relying on ATMs.


Hey @coreyscott90

We hope you are getting excited for your upcoming trips!

It is always handy to have a certain amount of local currency with you when you arrive. E.g. USD for USA or GBP for United Kingdom.We also recommend you have around €100 in cash for your Europe trip before departure and the equivalent of around €30 into Swiss Francs.

If your trip goes through countries such as Croatia, Hungary etc your Trip Leader will advise you what best way to handle your money, though generally you have 2 options:

  1. Have some Euro cash on you and exchange it once you get to the new country; or
  2. Withdraw the money directly from an ATM as it will issue you with the local currency.

Travel Cards are very handy to travel with as generally they provide you with 2 cards (one main one and a back up one) and are accepted in many places. You can get these generally from Banks, Travel Agencies or post offices.

Generally Travel Cards do not have the Bali currency option on it. So you are best on having some local currency with you when you arrive and just do a withdrawal once there or change any spare currency (notes only) into the Indonesian Rupiah at the Depensar airport :slight_smile:

We hope you have a great time travelling around

Team Topdeck


Hi all,

I’m Doing the mega European Egypt trip next year and I believe I need 11 currencies…
I haven’t found a good card yet as some places don’t really have the option for the countries I’m going to, Egypt, Swiss, hungry, Serbia etc…I want to load up some euro now and then add other currencies later in the new year… can anyone help


You are better off loading up the main currencies and using that for the majority of your trip eg Euros if you’re only going to be in each of the non euro using countries for short periods of time.
Key to the World is great for that! I used it on my last topdeck through eastern europe and had no issues


I’m going to 20 countries and 11 of those countries use there own currencies, so I’m trying find a card that holds these currencies… most sites don’t list these but they might be able to be loaded…

CZK Czech
RSD Serbia
BAM Bosnia
HRK Croatia
EGP Egypt