Multi-currency on travel card


Hey All!
I’m off camping on the Europe Inspired trip 20th of May 2016, and just wondering how people sort out their money with multi currency’s. Is it best to load it all in one currency and just get cash out with one conversion rate at the beginning of that country visit or split up your spending money for certain currency’s?
I have no idea how much I’d spend in each different country so I think I’m leaning more towards having it all in euros as that’s the main currency.

Opinions? :grin:



I’ve been using the Travel Card from AusPost for the last few years. I put Aussie dollars in and then I can put it into different wallets. It holds Australian, New Zealand and American Dollars, British Pounds and the Euro. Usually they have the same exchange rate, without the fee, and if you spend all the money in one of the wallets, it draws it out of another. There is a fee to withdraw, I believe its about 9c per transaction. It does have the Visa symbol on it, and while I haven’t had an issue using it to pay in stores, I have found it doesn’t always work on generic ATM’s overseas. But in saying that, my St George card has the same issue. I have to find branded bank ATM’s where ever I go.

I guess, if you aren’t Australian, thats not going to help much.


Thanks for getting back!
That sounds like a pretty good deal :slight_smile: it covers two of the countries currencies that I’ll need, I think I’ll go with my current banks travel card (ANZ) and just have the bulk in euros and some in pounds!
Thanks for that :slight_smile: