MP3s? Ipods?


Hey everyone, anyone been on a tour yet… I was going to bring a ipod to watch movies and stuff on during the long bus trips but i’m not sure if I need to, it will kinda be one more thing i have to look after then. Wats normal, do people like hop on the bus and just listen to music and stuff or is it more social than that… also, how long can i expect to be on the bus for? I heard trips like paris to switzerland are like 9 hours?? Scary! what about stuff like rome to venice? florence to rome? london to paris? Any input on this would be great!!!


hey :), [br][br]I haven’t been on a tour yet, but my sister has and told me to bring mine. She said it was good for the early morning bus rides when people were too tired or sick to make good conversation.[br][br]I’m taking an old shuffle, so I won’t really care if it breaks or something. I have a USB adapter im taking as well so i won’t need a computer to charge it up.[br][br]


I just finished the Pyramids & Beaches tour of Egypt & I suggest that you take your MP3 or Ipod. I took my MP3 player & it especially came in handy on the long bus trips.[br]Hope that helps :slight_smile:


I agree with the above feedback. Take your Ipod and if you can watch movies that’s a bonus. You spend alot of time on the bus. I took a novel but hardly read as the concentration wasn’t really there. Also music/movies is a good way to say you aren’t interested in having a chat. You can play music on the bus from you ipod for everyone to listen to(car adaptor is handy of course).


I’m taking my ipod classic.[br][br]i have quite a few movies on there which will be great also for the plane ride over too :)[br][br]Leeana[br]Canberra, Australia[br]Spirit of Europe 16 Sept 08[br]+ London Stopover[br]+ Edinburgh Minibreak


hi ya people,[br]yeh i’m just going to take my phone. went and bought a 2g card for it. i think 700 songs will be enough. also has fm radio which could make it interesting just searching what sort of stations they have over there. I’m just trying to make it one less thing to cart around. kill couple birds with one stone. Unless you want video then i would be screwed. I hope the plane has decent movies showing:).[br] video on the bus, i don’t know, if you get really tired don’t think you will be wanting to watch a video but its all a matter of personal taste. seemed funny on one bus trip, we were sitting at the back and from what it gathered it looked like those clowns you stuff ping pong balls down. head back, mouths open, what a beautiful sight;D;D[br] i would at least take something that plays music.[br]Sorry to say but yeh the hours on the bus can be quite long. whatever you hear is most likely near correct[br][br]anyway have a good day people[br]dale[br]RedStarSpecial


Hey everyone, thanks for all the feedback, yeah i think a mp3 is looking like a good idea, i’ll probably just take a really cheap one though so i wont be too upset if it gets nicked…


I’m taking my iPod which has the Harry Potter audio books on them. Plus I’ll take a few hard books with me too. Even though the bus rides will be long, I think listening to music, watching movies or reading will make you miss the country you’re driving through! I think I’ll be spending most of my travel time looking out the window at the scenery![br][br]Pharaoh’s Footsteps: Oct 18th, 2008.[br]Winter European Getaway: Nov 25th, 2008.


hey allison, you could always put some music from the countries you are visiting on the ipod… that way you can look at the scenery with their traditional music (or their local radio stations lol)[br][br]i’ve also got the HP audio books and will only be taking 1 novel with me, but will also have a couple of guidebooks :)[br][br]Leeana[br]Canberra, Australia[br]Spirit of Europe 16 Sept 08[br]+ London Stopover[br]+ Edinburgh Minibreak


Hey missrik, I just got back from my tour (Western Spirit) and bringing your iPod is a great idea though I would suggest not listening to it on the first bus trip as that is when everyone is trying to get to know each other and you don’t want to isolate yourself. Our driver had an adapter if anyone wanted to share their music so make a good playlist![br][br]San Diego, CA[br]Western Spirit[br]April 15-April 24


hi all ive just done a contiki will be doing a topdeck soon winter wanderer and definatly take an ipod days on the coach wen your feeling not tip top are great with an ipod its great on the long days on the coach but dont worry bout movies its not needed just music and go down the front of the coach plug it in let everyone listen to ur music good convo starter first few days!!;D


I just came back from tour last week. take your ipod. we were on the bus sometimes for 12hrs. depends where you headed. They have a charger on board we did any way. It’s worth taking for sure