Mozambique & Zimbabwe Explorer 16 March 2017



My name is Steff and I have book on to the Mozambique & Zimbabwe Explorer leaving March 16th from Johannesburg.

I live in Melbourne, Australia but I am originally from Wellington, New Zealand :slight_smile:

I am travelling solo!! I will be spending 3 days in Johannesburg before the trip and currently have no plans. Afterwards, I’m flying to Cape Town for a week to have a look around before heading home.

Looking forward to meeting people, getting out of my comfort zone and having an amazing experience!


Hey Steff,

In case you didn’t know - kiwi passport holders now require visa for South Africa. Hope you’ve got this sorted. Have a great trip!



Hi there
We are doing this trip in a few weeks was just wondering how it was etc? Did you need visas for Mozambique and Zimbabwe? ANy little tips or things we need to know?