Moving to California

Hello everyone! Need some piece of advice (not related to traveling)

How to move to California? (I mean how to move all my things to California?)

Any suggestions?

I thought that it’s worth asking for friends, but I have some expensive things, so I can’t trust it them…

Pack them, put them in the car and move. For that you need a big car, like a truck, so you could rent one or contact a moving company. Pack them

Hi Muller! Muller - like the name of the yogurt that my wife loves. You know, we moved a few times with my family, and we did it both by using our car or with the help of a moving company. So these are the main ways to move. First of all, the way of moving depends on how much you stuff you have to move. For a small amount, it’s better to use your car, for something bigger, it’s smart to use a moving company. If to suggest you one, try We moved with them and I’m satisfied with how they did it. It went all smooth like the milk that I’ve just poured in my cup.