Moulin rouge


Hey everyone just wondering if anyone has been to the moulin rouge or if you’re going when in paris…what did you wear or what are you all going to wear? I just found this on the wedsite ;

Formal attire requested. Jacket and tie will be appreciated but not mandatory. No casual clothes (jeans, tennis shoes, short pants, sportswear…)

also has anyone been to both the caberet and moulin rouge shows? which one would you reccommend?



Hi MissyT,

My husband and I went to Moulin Rouge in May when we were in Paris. In my opion it was a waste of money but I guess its one of those things that you have to do when in Paris. I just wore and nice dress and strappy sandles and hubby wore black pants and a dress shirt. There was hardly anyone there in a tie and jacket.

Happy travels!


Hey Amy,

Thank you very much, that help :slight_smile: