I have jsut got back from a Topdeck Morocco trip and have to say I had THE MOST AMAZING TIME EVER!

Our guide was so helpful and friendly, the country was amazing and so much was included in the trip price, and Fez is now in my Top 5 Cities in the World. I only originally booked because I was forced to take annual leave from work and couldn’t really be bothered planning something by myself, and now I am so glad I decided to do this trip because I had the best time ever! Honestly, I cannot rave enough - you should all book now!!


Hi Elle,

I’m currently deciding on whether to do an Egypt Tour, Turkey Explored or Morocco and without any info from someone who has been there I cannot decide.

Are you able to answer me a few questions?:
What was the accommodation like? I know it is budget but as long as the rooms are pretty clean i’ll be happy.
What was your daily budget? The flights and tour are cheap but I have no idea what spending money I will need.
Did you need a sleeping bag?
Did you travel alone?

If you can help me out that would be great :slight_smile: