Moroccan Explorer - 8th December 2017


Hi Guys,

I know this trip is a fair way off but I’m super excited! I’ve booked this to start my year off uni after studying 5 years. I’m going to be travelling alone so I’m really keen to get in touch with others on this trip.

Can’t wait to meet you all in Marrakech!


Shoot! I’m booked for the trip after yours (22nd Dec 2017)…Have fun though :slight_smile:


Thank you, you too!


Hey Yazeed! I’ve booked for the 22nd December one! Have you managed to find a FB page or anything? My chat group on the app is empty! Would love to start chatting with others on the trip :slight_smile:


Hey Tanya :blush: nice to finally make contact with someone else doing this trip​:ok_hand:. I’m really excited about this trip. I don’t know of any fb groups created yet as from my past experiences, it usually gets created during the trip once everyone gets to meet each other in person. This will be my 3rd trip with Topdeck and the previous 2 have been nothing short of amazing so I expect nothing less from this one as well :grin:


Yeah this will be my 3rd trip with Topdeck too. The first 2 where European trips so looking forward to this culture change and travelling with a new group of people. When I called Topdeck they said that the trip I am on is 2 trips (a shorter one and one that will continue on) and that it was fully booked with around 35 people! So that’s exciting that it’s a full trip!


Looks exciting to me. Let me check my dates. Surely wana be on the trip.


Hello Im doing this trip this year (2018) i was wondering how much spending money you would suggest taking?