Moroccan explorer 23rd Dec -1st Jan



Just seeing if anyone else has booked for this trip to Morocco on the 23rd December? I am going on it solo. I’m from Australia but have been living in London past 6 months. If anyone is around in London before the tour and is up for a drink.



Hey Lauren

I’m also booked on this trip and travelling solo. I’m a Kiwi who’s been living in London for the past year, I’d be keen to meet up for a drink before the tour. Can’t wait for this trip it’s going to be awesome!



Hey Kat, thanks for replying… By the looks of it these forums dont get used all too often!

Yeah i’m very pumped for this trip as well, it will be something different thats for sure.

Im based in West London nearish to Notting Hill. I Will send you a PM with my email address, feel free to send me a message if you are up for that drink in the coming weeks.

If anyone else on the December 23rd trip is interrested in a beer, let us know!