Moroccan Explorer- 18th August


Hi guys,

I was feeling spontaneous so i booked the Moroccan explorer tour that starts on the 18th August, just wanted to know if anyone else has booked onto this?

:slight_smile: Alex


Im looking to booking this trip, other than being spontaneous, why did you book it?
Have you travelled with Topdeck before?



I also booked because I love North Africa and the Middle East. I’ve travelled around Egypt, been to Tunisia so I thought it was time to tick off morocco. I fell in love with the itinerary and thought why not ?

I’ve never travelled with Top deck before but heard great things!
There’s a blog called the tiny traveller and he reviewed this trip and it sounds brill



Thank you, for all the info.
I went to book the trip tonight and it is completely full! :frowning2:
I hope you have a great trip!!


Oh No ! That’s a shame- i’ll let you know how it goes :slight_smile:


Hi Guys,

Looking to go on this trip and there seems to be some spaces available ??


Do it ! its going to be amazing :smiley: