Moroccan Explorer - 13 April 2018


Hi, just wondering if anyone else has signed up to do this tour yet? (13 - 22 April 2018) :slight_smile:


I am probably going to book the tour for that date. I am waiting to see if they have a sale. But will book soon!


Awesome :slight_smile:


I booked it! So excited!!!




Hi Arleen, are you able to sign up to the Topdeck app on your phone? :slight_smile:


No, I have not been able. It says something about it not working with the tour. I sent a message to TD, but I never heard back.


No worries :slight_smile: Hopefully they will be able to sort it soon


I’m planning on joining this tour, do any of you know if they help find flights or if it’s up to us to find them?