Moroccan Explorer- 12th Feb


Hi everyone,
I’m going to be going on the Moroccan Explorer tour in February, just wondering if anyone else has done the trip and can give any advice before I go? Also wondering if anyone else out there has booked the tour departing 12th Feb?


Hi Amy!

I have just booked the Moroccan Explorer departing on the 12th Feb. I’ve never been to Morocco before so I’m really looking forward to it! I’m arriving on the 11th and staying at the hotel the tour starts from. When are you arriving? If you are arriving before the tour begins perhaps we can meet for a well - earned drink! Carrie x


I did this trip last February - it was AWESOME! Had a ball and really enjoyed it. Yunus our trip leader was amazing.

My best piece of advise is eat the local food and drink bucketloads of mint tea! We had some really delicious tagine dishes, and drank shedloads of mint tea everywhere we went. Everyone was so lovely and way less pushy than in Egypt. It’s great!