Moroccan Expl JUNE 3rd 10days


Hi Leisha,

i have also booked the tour on the 3rd June. I´m so excited and i´m sure we will have lots of fun!

When do you arrive in Marrakech? I´m arriving on the 2nd June in the afternoon.

See you!


I did this last year. It was awesome. We wore Cons and thongs every day (depending on weather) which was fine. And most days we just wore the usual jeans and a t-shirt - we went in February and it was warm during the day but a bit chilly at night. Morocco is SUCH AN AMAZING COUNTRY! Not to mention the food is delicious (try the tagines) and the people super-friendly.


Ah Ok cool. So i think we see each other in the hotel. I´m staying in the hotel which the tour departs it´s the Corail Hotel. I wil change about 100 EUR and i and for the rest i will go to the ATM.

See you :slight_smile: