More questions about sleeping bags and clothing


Hi everyone, I’m doing the European Getaway (I think thats what its called) leaving 6 Aug coming back 25 Aug. Its my first time to Europe so I’ve got a few questions. I’m going to Greece for 10 days before hand, where the weather will be beautiful so do I really need to take a sleeping bag? Or can I just take a sheet slip?

Also, how cold will it be in Swiss Alps? Will be there early Aug, do I need to take thermals or is jeans/jumper combo going to be ok?

I’m travelling solo too, so if you’re going to be on ths tour let me know :slight_smile:


Hi Kate, its Justine from the other discussion…
When you go to Greece are you doing the sailing? as I have read that unless you do the sailing, all other euroclubs dont require you to take a sleeping bag! so I am not going to take one! I am going to Greece beforehand on a family holiday, it will be beautiful weather so it wont be needed then!
As for the question about the Swiss Alps, I have no idea and would like to know the answer to that too :slight_smile:


I’m actually doing the Greece tour with Busabout cos me and boats don’t go down very well haha. With the busabout you stay in hostels, so you don’t need to bring your own sleeping bag (obviously just that sheet thing).

I just emailed TopDeck just to ask if we really need it so I’ll let you know what they come back with.


Just heard back from topdeck about Swiss Alps and they said that they average temp is 24 degrees (celcius), so not that cold.


Oh really, I was expecting it to be a lot colder than that, I was planning on bringing layers and scarves etc! Maybe not then, shows how little I know! Are you going to be taking a sleeping bag then?


hey everyone,

im starting my tour around Europe on the 6th of September and the weather in the Swis Alps wont be that cold. I’d take a light jacket just in case… i imagine the only time it would get quite cold would be during the night there and i know with my tour we go up to the very highest point when there so it will come in handy then!

I’m also not taking a sleeping bag, what is this slip thing you are talking about? haha i wasnt going to bring anything! :slight_smile:


Na I’m not taking a sleeping bag. I can’t travel light at the best of times, so I don’t need a sleeping bag weighing me down haha.

Hey Cass, I dont know the exact names for them but it’s kind of like a single quilt cover that you sleep in… I guess kind of like a sleeping bag but it as thin as a sheet but is supposed to protect against bed bugs or something. They’re really thin and weigh like nothing so it’s probably worth getting one.


Oh yeah… that does sound alright… yeah i have been warned about bed bugs haha… ill definitely be taking some antihistamine… all bugs love me… ive had some terrible experiences with mosquitoes lol…


do we need to bring our own towels on euro club tours


yeah i would if i was you…you will at least need a beach towel. If this helps i’m actually taking a kind of old one… or even a cheap one. Just throw it out once you have finished with it! I’m doing that with my walking shoes as well haha