Monte Carlo Casino


I’m wondering what to pack for my hubby to wear to the casino? Does he need black pants and a shirt and jacket? Or can he get away with black pants and a shirt?[br][br]Europe 10/08/2009 - 28/10/2009[br]European Emperor 20/08/2009[br]Bravo Italia 30/08/2009[br]


Hi Kimmy[br][br]When I went a few years ago with another tour group I managed to get away with a nice set of trousers and a long sleeve shirt - I think we had one guy who dragged his suit halfway around the world just so he could wear it there but it wasnt required.[br][br]Hope you have a blast!!![br][br]Prague to Munich Explorer Sep 8-17[br]Oktoberfest Hostel Sep 18-21[br]