Monkey Bridge in Vietnam? Have you ever tried?


You know in Vietnam, that “Monkey Bridge” is the specific bridge of Vietnam. You only see it in South Vietnam, exactly is Mekong Delta. Have ever you tried to go through Monkey Bridge? I have some fact about that special bridge, in case someone never heard about it:
"Almost all countries have characterized bridges. The bridges reflect the lifestyle and customs of the local people. There are extremely odd bridges that many tourists feel very scared when they pass them, like playing a risky game.
It is thanks to these impressive bridges that visitors will remember the lands that host the odd bridges, which gave them memories “of a lifetime.” Many people even go to a place to set foot on the bridges that give them thrills.
In July 2012, the Toptensthings voted for Vietnam’s monkey bridges in the top 10 scariest bridges in the world. The Travel & Leisure recently chose Vietnam’s monkey bridges one of the scariest bridges worldwide.
It may seem that only monkeys could make it across traditional monkey bridges - after all. They’re typically made of a single bamboo log and one handrail. However, the name comes from the stooped monkey-like posture you have to maintain when crossing, so as not to plunge into the river below.
Where: Various points across the Mekong Delta at the southern tip of Vietnam.
Stats: These bridges are built by hand by local residents and vary from town to town. Newer ones are made of concrete."

I’ve once tried it and well, I can tell you it totally worth it! (A little scare but still fun!) How about you? Do you hear the name of “Monkey Bridge” when you traveled to Vietnam?


I also want visit to Vietnam, i would to see monkey bridge.


Of course you can! Maybe someday you can go to Vietnam and try it yourself!


Hi everyone, You can stay a few nights on boat which could be an incredible experience but we were here when there was a monsoon so we were unable to stay on the boat. It’s better to do on a good day but was so beautiful. Glad we did it even though it was raining and misty! Will definitely return one day.


I heard about Monkey bridge but never been there, but now I am excited after reading so much from you. It surely a fun wow. thanks for sharing in details about Monkey Bridge. thank you


I checked out some pics of the monkey bridge and it’s not for me lol I’m a little heavy and I’m afraid it won’t be able to stand my weight :smile:


One more facts: because bamboo logs are popular and easy-finding materials in this place. About topography, Mekong Delta is a system of interlaced rivers, villages are divided as common things. To be convenient in communication and trade, locals invent these bridges creatively.