I’m going on the Spirit of Europe tour, that requires Euro, Zloty, and Swiss Francs. It’s almost a month long, so I’ll need a pretty good sum of money.

How do you recommend I bring it? Should I just bring cash? I’ve heard of cards where you can load money onto it and use it overseas for free.

I know that I can use my regular VISA, but I don’t want to pay the 2.5% fee every time I use it.

My home country is Canada, but I’ll be in England for the next five months - if this makes a difference.



travelex cards work wonders mate.
i found nowhere made me pay a fee for using it, Just load it up with euros and the ATM in the country will automatically change it to the new currency.
also a great perk is they send you a second card so you can hide it in your luggage so if something does happen you have a back up!


Can I get it as a Canadian?


I am sure its more then likely they have a travelex at your nearest international airport.
if not you can always purchase one from their websites Travelex.xom
and arrange it for a store in london when you land.

or pop into a travel agent and ask them if they have them or something similair