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I would love to know what people used for using/spending money in Europe. I am doing the Grand European and Greek Island Hopping which covers about 4 or 5 different currencies.
What did you use and why? (E.g. Travellex, Commonwealth Travel Card, Westpac Travel Card, NAB gold Card etc.)

Many thanks :slight_smile:


4-5 different currencies?

I was under the impression that the only country from those tours you would need to use a different currency with is Switzerland as they use Francs, although they will accept EURO they will just give the change in CHF. The rest use the euro currency from my understanding… although i might be wrong. :slight_smile: And of course London using pounds depending on how long your staying there.

As for your question, when i went over last i used a commonwealth travel money card. You can load it up with different currency’s before leaving Australia (This avoids the expensive conversion rate that you would otherwise have to pay on top of the ATM access fee.) I dont know the difference in details between commonwealth travel card and the other bank branch cards, i’m with commonwealth so i just went with theirs.


NAB Gold banking is pretty great: no conversion fees, no transaction fees. cant beat that.

heres a gold banking thread already started http://forum.topdeck.travel/tours/26601/nab-gold-banking

Personally I’m using Gold Banking as well as travellex (because i got a free one) and an NAB credit card, for just in case. the commonwealth travel money card is also very good. They don’t charge you any commission on the initial load, whereas all other travel money cards i’ve seen charge you between 1 and 1.1% of the total value just to put money onto the card, which can add up to a lot of money.


I’m also going on the Grand European, departing 8th May, when do you leave?

and you’re right, there’s 5 currencies you’ll need, Czech rebublic uses Koruna, Croatia uses Kuna, Switzerland uses francs and the others use euros and london: pounds.


Last time I traveled I used travellex cash passport, recently at an expo arrange a multi currency cashpassport… check it out here: http://www.cashpassport.com/1/en/au1/multi-currency/

Always take a couple of forms of $$$ though, that way you’ve got a backup if for some reason your card won’t work…


Hi, The NAB travel gold card no longer exsists. its now going to be called the NAB tavel card. and isnt avaible until the 23rd of april. it also can load 5 diff currencys on it. but the loading is at 1.1%. I think we’ve decided to go with the ANZ travel card. it can have 5 diff currencys loaded on to it. but has withdrawral fee’s for each country.


The NAB gold banking does still exist, I have it, and intend to use it when i leave in two weeks.

However, new customers cannot apply for gold banking after 23rd April, so if you do want Gold banking, you need to get on top of it right now.

Existing customers can still use the Gold banking with the current fees (or lack of fees) until 10th August, (which is fine for me because i get back in july) when Nab changes the fees to be similar to that of most other banks. i.e. conversion fees of approx. 2% of the total amount plus an ATM fee of $5 (or something like that)


The overseas fee’s are what will kill you with the ANZ card…


I use the Commonwealth travel card (cos that’s who I have an account with) and its great - when I got it the exchange rate was really good so its worked out well… You can load up to 6 currencies on it BUT the catch is its not every currency only these - United States Dollars, Euros, Great British Pounds, Australian Dollars, Japanese Yen, New Zealand Dollars, Hong Kong Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Singapore Dollars. So really only the pounds and euros would be useful :stuck_out_tongue: Wasn’t a big deal at all though I did the eastern European countries last year and just converted from euros… I still think a travel card is the best way to go. Not sure what other banks are like but I would recommend Commonwealth!


Yep using the commonwealth visa debt card. sounded easy. we transfered euro pounds and aus dollars for all those countries that arnt in the euro zone. one fee. make sure you get plenty of money out so your not incuring the fee’s all the time


I looked at taking that and they were charging 5% conversion rate so i went with the NAB gold card