i took a travel card and put heaps of money on it before i left and it can be converted to euros and any other currency needed. It was good because it works like a debit card and i just took out money when i needed it. Usually u get two, one to carry and the other one for a suitcase in case first one gets lost.
Most travel agents can do them or the anz bank has one too.


I agree with Brooke - the travel money card is a good idea. The ones available in Australia only come in a limited number or currencies but I don’t know what’s available to you in England. You’ll need to consider which countries you’re going to and what currencies they use when deciding if the travel money card is a good option.

If you use your debit visa you’ll probably have to pay fees every time you use it overseas but you’d need to check with your bank about this.

I don’t think traveller’s cheques are widely accepted anymore so probably would be a hassle to have.

It’s also a good idea to take a credit card in case you need to buy something expensive that you might not have planned for.

Hope this helps.



Hey guys,

We recommend that you change approximately €100 in cash before departure and approximately €30 into Swiss Francs (if your trip goes through Switzerland). This will cover you for spending money until you have the chance to change more or find an ATM.

You could look at bringing your bank card, credit cards, cash or a travel cash card - maybe have a chat to your bank about the best option for you.

Topdeck Team