I’m heading off on the European Odyssey on October 2 (so close!!) but I’m still not sure how is best to take money.

I’ve got a Visa Debit card and I’ve got a Mastercard (basically just for emgergencies). I want to take cash as well but I’m not sure how to take it.
Do I just get enough cash to last me a couple of days then just withdraw cash from my Visa Debit?

Also what happens with the optional extras? I’ve been told I have to pay for those upfront on the bus on departure day. Is this right? I want to do most of the optional extras, including the skydiving, so do I need to have enough cash to cover the cost of all of them or can I use a credit card for these?

Also if you’ve been on this trip before, what did you spend? Did you find you had enough money? Not enought?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi Karen

If you are with NAB, i would recommend a Gold Banking Card to take overseas cause you dont pay conversion costs and the rate is better than taking all cash. This is what i am taking with me. Hope this helps.



hi Karen

I have got a travelex cash card in euros. I also got one in pounds for when i am in London. You are able to bpay funds onto it form your aussie bank account. You do get charged everytime you load money onto it so best to load as much on at once. You use it as a normal bank card. i found this to be the best option. You also get given two cards so in teh case of losing the first one you just call them and they activate your second card.

hope this helps



Travelex also has commission free rates on their website which you can pick up at a lot of branches around Australia. The minimum purchase is $250.

Cheers :slight_smile:


Hi Karen,
I just got back from my Euro Odyssey tour a few weeks ago! You will have the best time! Definitely just take enough cash for the first couple days and then get more out from ATMs as you go - you don’t want to be carrying huge amounts of cash around with you.
Optional extras are paid for as you go, not all at once on the first day. Our tour manager would announce about a day or two in advance that he’d be collecting money for a certain optional extra to give us time to get the cash to pay for it. The optional extras can only be paid for in cash, as the collection is usually done on the bus or in the hotel the day before.

I took money in cash for the first couple days and also took a Travelex cash card. I found it really useful, as you use it just like a normal card and you can check the balance online. It also doesn’t have your name on it and cannot be traced to you in any way, so if you lose it, no one can access your money or personal details and they give you a back-up card if this happens.
The Topdeck recommended budget of €60 a day is fine, I over budgeted and took enough for €100 a day in spending money because I wanted to make sure I could buy whatever I wanted and not have to worry about running out. I bought a heap of souvenirs, and bought a few meals here and there and still had plenty of money left over, so I think I probably would have been fine with €60 a day.

Let me know if you have any more questions!