Just wondering what everyone’s doing about money? I know that most people going to Europe are using ANZ travel cards and the travelex ones. I looked at both but none have the currencies found in the middle east. So what would be the cheapest way to pull out money? Any ideas?



Hi there,

Hopefully you haven’t left yet and my advice might still be useful!

I’m going to withdraw USD before I go to cover my trip fund and my visa for when I get to the airport as you can pay both in USD. I’m also going to take cash with me in the currency of where I am travelling to. Try and get some small change when you do the exchange, as you will need this for tipping. Be sure to keep your small change in a purse so that it’s not with the rest of your money and people don’t know how much you have.

Also - a tip on exchanging money, go to the banks first and find out what rate they offer you including your fees and then go to a normal currency exchange (usually located in the city). Ask the currency exchange what rate they can do it for and if they say anything higher then the bank tell them that the bank does a better deal and the currency exchange will make you a much better offer then the bank!

Hope this helps!



Does anyone know if you can withdraw any money whilst in Aswan?


yeah you can get money out in Aswan - you tour leader will usually take you to an ATM wherever you go!


Make sure you have enough cash on you to last you for a couple days at least. Best is if you keep them in several different places too. Have 2 wallets for example, etc. Just for safety reasons, in case one does get stolen, that not everything is gone.