Just a question to all the previous topdeck travellers ,What is the best form of money when on tour ???[br][br]I am going on the European wonder -march 09 and then staying in London after …so i don’t know if traveller cheques would be best ??[br][br]HELP !!![br][br]AimeeGee [br]European Wonder [br]March 2009


Hi Aimeegee,[br][br]I’m doing the Spirit Of Europe trip on the 12th May and spending around 10 days in London afterwards.[br][br]I have opened up two foreign currency accounts with Travelex, one in Euro dollars, the other in pounds.[br][br]Basically they are savings accounts held in the selected currency. You get get an ATM card for each currency and Internet banking as well. When I’m in Europe I’ll use the Euro account and the UK, the pounds one. The thing about opening these accounts up I can convert all my Aussie dollars to these currencies and then when I’m in Europe and the UK I wont have to worry about exchange rates at all, just atm fee’s in which I"ve already sussed out.[br][br]The above option may be something you can look into, the great thing about them is that you can give your folks the account numbers and if you come short in spending money, they can top your account/s up here in Australia for you to use straight away. I’m also taking a credit card.[br][br]Good luck and I hope this helps.[br][br]Cheers[br][br]Craig[br][br]Spirit Of Europe 12th May 2009


Hi Aimeegee,[br]I am just doing the tours, but I have looked into the Travel Card, if you are in Australia it is through the ANZ. You can put money onto it and it will lock in the exchange rate for that particular day, and then you use it like an eftpos card while away.[br][br]This may be quite similar to what Craig is talking about, so may have doubled up here, but its good, as you have 2 cards, incase you lose one, its meant to be very secure, and you would only pay for the atm fees.


Hi Aimeegee,[br][br]The ANZ one sounds the same, maybe they do theirs through Travelex as well. Travelex deal with foreign Exchange Accounts only. The Travelex accounts are called “Cash Passport Accounts”, you also get two ATM cards and you can have either a normal ATM card or a Visa Debit ATM card.[br][br]When you deposit the AUD funds into your selected currency it will exchange it into that currency on that days exchange rate, which is a live rate so the rate you will get will be the very second it’s converted.[br][br]Thye only fee’s you will have when overseas is the ATM/EFTPOS usuage, which is around $1.50pound ($3Aud), so I guest budget for fee’s also and limit to how often you do withdrawals. Budget your usage as well, so maybe look at taking your cash out once a week if you feel secure about doing that.[br][br]Using your normal bank card account overseas can become expensive and also you currency exchange wikll be all over the shop plus banks have fee’s on each exchange it does for you. So watch the bank fee’s. I work for a bank lolo so I know how money a bank can make from you by using your card overseas, so be mindful and enjoy your holiday spending your money on you and not bank fee’s.[br][br]Cheers[br][br]Craig[br][br]Spirit Of Europe 12th May 2009


Thanks everyone … I think i might try the travellex!!! thanks heaps have great trips :slight_smile:


hey aimeegee… i’m sure your travel agent can give you all the info you need, but just wanted to let you know if you get a travelex visa debit card you can use the visa function for free wherever available, and atm withdrawal fee is $3.75 per withdrawal… i’ll be using either the travelex or anz. still comparing so haven’t decided yet. good luck! :)[br][br]the travel bug has bit me


The ANZ Travel Card (in my opinion) is so much better than the Travelex one… with the ANZ Travel Card you can use it as EFTPOS and you dont get charged any fees - so if u make a purchase, u can just pay with the card and there are no transaction fees. Also, I’m pretty sure that when you take money out from the ATM, the transaction fee is (slightly) cheaper than Travelex’s.[br][br]With the Travelex cards, you can’t use EFTPOS, u can only take cash out.[br][br]I got one in Pounds and one in Euros :slight_smile: I’m getting another one when I head to Fiji this year cos the transaction fees are pretty low compared to my credit card :)[br][br]Leeana[br]Canberra, Australia[br]Spirit of Europe 16 Sept 08[br]+ London Stopover[br]+ Edinburgh Minibreak


the travelex one has been updated, so you can take cash out of an ATM and also use Visa/Eftpos… they’re exactly the same as the ANZ cards now, so the only difference is comparing the withdrawal fees for when you do use the ATM. travelex is a flat rate of $3.75 whereas ANZ charge a different fee depending on which currency you’re taking out… i guess it really depends on if you plan to make the most of VISA/Eftpos, or if you’ll be taking cash out quite frequently. both look like really good, easy options though![br][br]the travel bug has bit me


the fees on the ANZ ones are taken out in whichever currency you purchase it for… ie pounds, euro, USD, etc[br][br]thats great that travelex have updated theirs though :)[br][br]another thing to look at is set up fees. Travelex have a % of whatever you are putting on (and travel agents get commission on this) and ANZ have a flat rate of $11, so have a look at which one is cheaper to set up as well :)[br][br]Leeana[br]Canberra, Australia[br]Spirit of Europe 16 Sept 08[br]+ London Stopover[br]+ Edinburgh Minibreak


thanks !!!


Hey guys, here’s some more info on the ANZ travel card…[br][br][br][br]:)[br][br]Grand European July 2009[br]+ Greek Islands Fun in the Sun