Hi All,[br][br]Just wondering if travel cards like ‘cash passport’ and the like are any good? [br][br]any other ideas very welcome. Was just going to go with my debit card but with the fluctuating currency rates thought it might be a good idea to lock some in… [br][br]Cheers,[br][br]Jen[br][br]Essential Europe Winter Tour- 23rd Dec


Hi Jen,[br][br]I haven’t used mine yet, but I have organised a travellers cash card for the reason you mentioned - I didnt want to lose money if the Aussie dollar loses anymore value than it has already. I got mine from the Commonwealth Bank and you can top them up over the internet so you dont need to put lots of money on there just however much you’d like. Another good thing is that you get two cards (or you can pay and order more) and if you lose one you can report it online and just use the other. Also, they dont have any personal info, so losing them isnt really a security risk. [br][br]Other than the cash cards I’ll be taking a Mastercard debit.[br][br]I guess for me the real benefit of both types of card was that you can transfer money in and out (for the debit card) online. So if I lose a card I can find an internet cafe and hopefully do something straightaway, rather than being completely dependent on the bank. [br][br]I just realised I sound like a salesperson for the bank! But really, I do think the cash cards are a good idea…although if anyone has had bad experiences I’d be interested in hearing them[br][br]Cynthia[br]European Getaway 16th Dec


I am heading on the winter wonder in Jan 09 [br][br]I was wondering what the best form of money to take with me!![br][br]I looked at those cash passports?? still haven’t decided. [br] [br]I also thought I would take my eftpos card and my debit card as well??[br][br]any help would be appreciated!!![br]Thanks


Hi Lisa and Jen[br][br]I’ve just returned from a month long trip in the UK and Europe and what I loved the most about the travel cards was that it helped spread your spending options around, so if (God Forbid) anything happened to one of them, you still had the other/s as a back up.[br][br]I personally took an ANZ Travel Card in EUR (similar to the CBA one Cynthia mentioned) as well as my normal ATM and credit card, and it was the best thing I did. [br][br]Locked in exchange rate; secondary/back up card; you use it just as you would a normal VISA card (and I imagine in the CBA’s case, a MasterCard) so it gives you more point of sale opportunity than a normal ATM card (in the ANZ card’s case, POS transactions were FOC, and they charged a set fee for ATM withdrawals which was cheaper than my normal debit card anyway); it can still be used in a country with a different currency e.g. Switzerland, Czech Republic - exchange is worked out between the two currencies at the time; all your ‘banking’ can be done online…etc. [br][br]Don’t let me sway you though - the decision’s completely yours. I checked the options out online before making my final decision. While the Travelex Cash Passport had a really good security back up, I think it was the Point of Sale benefit the ANZ travel card had that made me choose it in the end.[br][br]Hope this helps! Safe and Happy Travels![br][br]Cheers,[br][br]Lisa :)[br][br]PS another bonus…I ended up hardly using my credit card at all, so there were no obscene bills/interest charges to deal with after my trip was over!!


Thanks for that twinbutterfly,[br][br]Yeah i was swaying more towards the ANZ card due to the POS advantage and the fact that you pay $11 issuance fee and your initial upload is free- the CBA travelex card on the other hand charges you 1% of what you put on the card (and i’m thinking of putting on more than a couple of hundred) so its going to be more than the ANZ $11 fee.[br][br]choices,choices, choices. But like you Lisa i am going to be taking my usual debit and credit card with me just incase [^][br][br]Essential Europe Winter Tour- 23rd Dec


Hey ppl,[br][br]I’ve been wondering the same thing about money… I must admit I have never travelled further than Australia, so am kinda clueles! I’ll be opening a British bank account before I leave on my tour - it comes with a debit card (these are fairly new in NZ - as far as I can tell haha - can only get them from one bank) - So would that maybe be the best way to go - take the debit card and a credit card as back up?? [br][br]I’ve been doing a bit of reading on the Travelex cash passport too, and not sure if this is a better options… I guess I have to do a bit more research![br][br]As an aside - how much money are people budgeting per day for tours??[br][br]Thanks heaps :)[br][br]Lou


Hi Cynthia,[br][br]So you’re planning on staying in the UK for a while? [br][br]I am budgeting 70 euros a day (as Topdeck suggests) but since i think i’m now going to be going with the ANZ travel card i will just put a bit extra on (plus i’m going to Ireland afterwards).[br][br]Essential Europe Winter Tour- 23rd Dec


hey guys, i just spend 2 month in europe with 3 weeks being on aTD tour. I too the 70 euros a day as TD reccommended and it was more than enough. i didnt have to scrimp and save. if i seen somthing that i liked, i bought it. if you spend more on one day then it will actually even out over the next few days. on your “bus days” you only spend money on snacks really :)[br][br]Oh yeah, and i took the ANZ Travel card it was the best thing i took!![br][br]just keep in mind that it wont work at the globe trotter inn ATM… im not sure why, but it just didnt like it :slight_smile: but there is a Tesco express around the corner that you can use :)[br][br]Leeana[br]Canberra, Australia[br]Spirit of Europe 16 Sept 08[br]+ London Stopover[br]+ Edinburgh Minibreak


Thanks for that Whirlsie! So the ANZ card was good. [br][br]My sister and i are actually going to be staying at the Hammersmith Express Inn the night before the tour as it is only a few pound more than Globetrotter!![br][br]Essential Europe Winter Tour- 23rd Dec


I’m planning on staying in the UK as I’m travelling no a one-way ticket! So it’s all quite sacry :)[br][br]I still haven’t decided the best way to deal with the whole money thing! But it’s good to hear that a budget of 70 euro is enough :)[br][br]I gues there will be days when you spend a bit more and days where you don’t spend much at all.[br][br]6 months to go - but already SO excited![br][br]Lou


Cash passports are great. I used mine on the summer fun and sailing our, still have money on it and will use it during further travels over xmas etc. also you get 2 cards, which is handy if one is lost.


Hmm, I cant remember if you can use the CBA travellers card for POS transactions…Oh well. I got a bit lazy and just went with the bank that I usually use rather than shopping around! [br][br]Jen, I’m kind of going all over the place! I’m over in Europe for roughly 3 months… My first three weeks I’ll be in London with trips to Scotland and Ireland. Then the Topdeck tour. After that I’ll be staying in Paris with family for 3 weeks. After Paris I’m heading to Geneva where I’m doing a uni course for 3 weeks. Then I have about 5 days before I come home! [br][br]Budgeting wise for Topdeck I’ve planned for 60 euro/day, which from what other people have said should be enough…hopefully. If not then I have a back up credit card (I’ve been telling myself its for emergencies only!). [br][br]Are you planning much travel around your topdeck trip?[br][br]Cynthia[br]European Getaway 16th Dec


Hi Cynthia,[br][br]I’m away for 5 weeks!!! Yeah i’m doing the family thing in the week before the tour and then staying in London three days before the tour with my sister. After seeing Europe ;D on the tour i’m going to Ireland to stay with family friends for about a week and then we have a week before i head home to see some more of the UK- but apart from wanting to see Bath we haven’t planned anything more concrete. [br][br]Yeah i’m only going to use the credit card if there is something that i REALLY want that won’t fit in the budget!! hehe[br][br]Essential Europe Winter Tour- 23rd Dec


My partner and I budgeted on about 200 Australian a day. However on some days we spent heaps (300 euro in amsterdam!) and places like germany with the beer steins and switzerland siss army knives! Its good to have a credit card as back up! We used travelex cards, one for euro’s and one for pounds. They were cheap and easy to use. They worked everywhere and we just got out a few days money every time we got money out! We loaded 3,000 on each and it cost us $3!


Hi there, does anyone know if the ANZ Travel Cards are available in NZ? I’ve had a look on the ANZ website and cant find anything. Thanks!


Hi there, does anyone know if the ANZ Travel Cards are available in NZ? I’ve had a look on the ANZ website and cant find anything. Thanks!


Hey Lisa,[br][br]Maybe google ‘ANZ travel card’ and see what you come up with- or use the search function on the ANZ site.[br][br]Essential Europe Winter Tour- 23rd Dec


Hey Lisa,[br][br]I’ve had a look after reading about it on here and it seems the ANZ Travel Card is only available in Australia and not here.[br]Have a look at the Westpac Visa Debit Card you can get here. That looks pretty good for travelling overseas and I’m going to get one soon.[br][br]Alex


Yup New Zealand seems like it’s a little behind, we only seem to have one debit card - from Westpac. [br][br]I’m thinking that the Travelex Cash Passport might be the way to go…[br][br]Cheers[br][br]Lou


Sigh, good ol New Zealand. lol. Thanks for letting me know, I’m looking at the travelex one too now. Still along way to go though!