Money in NZ



I am doing the 11 day Pure Arenaline tour on 2/10/11. Not sure whether to get a travel money card or stick to my debit MasterCard. I will also take my credit card.

Any tips???



Im doing a trip to Europe soon and I went with the travel money card. I found it personally nice knowing that I will not have to worry about converting my nzd to euro and that I will know exactly how much money I have got.

Up to you though becuase I dont think the AUS and the NZD is too different?


Thanks for your advice. 1st trip overseas and not really sure what I’m doing lol


First timers do experience things like you do. It’s part of the journey…explore and enjoy!! :wink:


And as first timer, it is normal to experience thrill and fear at the same time. But these feelings would make a person grow to become more knowledgeable enough thus make one become confident when comes to travels.


Just be confident and not fear. I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy your first time travel.