Money in Egypt


Hi guys![br][br]For those of you who have been to Egypt (I know there are a few of you on the board!), I have a question! I’m about to embark on the Pharaoh’s Footsteps tour on Sunday. Eep! I’m a little nervous, trying to get everything ready. I’m wondering what is the best currency to take? I’ve heard US dollars work for pretty much everything. Or is better if I exchange in Egyptian Pound? Or travellers cheques? I can’t imagine many places in Egypt accepting cheques though…[br][br]If anyone could help, or has any other tips, please let me know! =) So excited![br][br]Pharaoh’s Footsteps: Oct 18th, 2008.[br]Winter European Getaway: Nov 25th, 2008.


Hi, I’ve just got back from Egypt and you use Egyptian pounds for almost everything. When you arrive you have to pay the tourleader (amount depends on tour) but people paid in US?, English & Egyptian pounds. There are cash machines most places so you should be fine too, but just one word of advice - tell your Banks that you’ll be travelling to Egypt so they don’t think its fraud if you try draw out there. A few people had their cards blocked and had to make very expensive phonecalls to try and sort it out.