Money Cards vs Cash


I am going to be starting a tour of Eastern Europe in September of this Year. The tour we are on, stops at most countries for 1-2 days. It includes countries such as Croatia, Albania, Bosnia and Hungary who dont use the Euro.

I am just wondering what people would suggest in terms of money for these countries. Would it be easier and better to have cash for every country? Or to use a travel money card for each country?

Any feedback would be very much appreciated.


Locking in the exchange rate with a cash passport type card is a good, especially with the way the dollar is dropping at the moment… i was lucky enough to load mine a couple of months back before it dropped, even so I would still be loading it now as it will keep dropping!

Unfortunately some of the currencies you won’t be able to get a cash passport for, so credit will always work well there!


[quote=36065]I don’t think the dollar will keep dropping, it has just settled back from a record high. If anything should ebb back up to parity as the Euro/Greece fiasco settles down.

I wouldn’t personally get a travel/cash card and automatically lose ~%2 of my money right now. Only worth it if the dollar is temporarily up by more than that ~2%.[/quote]

Most travel cards are a 1% load which is minimal and definitely out weighs the drop in exchange rate.

As an example, I loaded my card a few months back when the euro was over 0.80. Loaded on $3500AU to convert to $2800EU. Take off 1% load ($28), i’m left with $2772 locked in.

If I had of decided to just use a standard credit card, and traveled this month (now), based on today’s exchange rate I would end up with $2,602.00 from my $3,500. ($170 worse off using a credit card). That is without taking into account any conversion or withdraw fee’s that most credit cards charge (with the exception of something like the 28 degree’s card).

I’m also traveling to the US and have had more of a win there due to the steadily dropping AU vs US rate.

The exchange rate only need’s to drop by 0.01 and your ahead! (there’s your 1%).


go with a bank travel card not travelex something like a Nab travel card no ATM fees an No extange rate whenever you pull money out mine is just in $AU just for the countries that don’t use the erous that way I’m not carrying lots of money


Jess, the one I got onto for this years travels is through Oz Money, it’s a multicurrency card, 1% loading, no ATM fees (only 3rd party with drawl fees depending on the bank - same as we get here with debit cards)… Last time over I used travelex, which was 1% load and $2.50eu per withdrawal…
The OzMoney card I got onto at the world travel expo at the start of the year, they had an expo special which was 0% loading for 30 days, reload via bay or at the currency exchange at flight centre


I have a 28 degrees card and travelex! You can load up more money on the 28 degrees credit card on top of your credited amount :slight_smile:

If you get travelex cards from post offices there’s no reload fee (1.1%) and locks your interest rate!