Money belt required?


Will i need to use a money belt under my clothing to contain my passport whilst on my topdeck tour, or is that just being super paranoid. I’m not sure how safe/unsafe its going to be, if anyone can shed some light on what they have done with theirs in the past that would be. Will i carry it on me at all times - say in my handbag or will i leave it on the bus…or what???
Please help me out.


London and then on the grand european tour which covers france, spain, french riviera, italy, croatia, austria, germany and the netherlands.


Last tour I did covered most of hose places, no one on our tour had a money belt. Spain is probably the worst as far as theft goes, I just had a backpack I used with combination locks on the zipper… Internal pockets in the bag also keeps things safe if the Bottom of your bag gets slashed… Try to limit the amount of cash you carry on you just to be safe, and avoid keeping “everything” in the one place…


what about your passport trent?


Hi Louise,

For that part of Europe I wouldn’t worry.

I had one while I was away doing the mega Europe last year along with time in Africa for 5 months and never used it.

I found it was best to look it up in the room, most hostel/ hotels hav a safe or locker which u can look valuables in.

If all else I just locked in up in my bag. If you have lots of locks & the like on your bags it can look like you have valuables you want to hide.

In the end it’s what your comfortable with.

Also best to have another form of photo I.D, the least you need to take your passport out the better.

On you trip Spain is probable were you need to be most aware.

Hope this helps.


thanks for that. it helps heaps.


I left it in my room most of the time, I took ones of these with me