Money belt or bum bag


Could someone let me know what is the safer way of carrying around your money and passport etc- in a bum bag or in a money bag which doesn’t seem too obvious. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Oh by the way has anyone on the Grand European on May 22 received their final documents yet???


Go with the money belt as you can put it underneath clothing without attracting attention to it. [br][br]With a bum bag even if you put it underneath clothing it still attracts attention to it and it only takes 20 - 30 secounds of you being distracted and its gone.[br][br]If people want to steal teh bum bag (they can tell a tourist a mile away) there’ll be 2 peole doing it 1 person distracting you the other person taking the bum bag, so I suggest you go with the safer option


Thanks SHMU I appreciate your feedback - cheers from Terry.


yes money belt hidden is the way, but keep your some money in your wallet so you dont go into your money belt. Your bum bag will be gone befor you even no it.[br][br]“People never grow up, they just learn how to act in public.”


Thanks Bubbles I don’t want to be picked out as a tourist!!!