Money Belt or Backpack?


Hi what have you found do you need a money belt or just your wallet in locked pack pack??
Thanks Steve


Definitely both. Never keep all your money in one place


Hey there,
I’ve just been travelling throughout Europe for the last couple of months over European summer and never had an issue with security or anything like that. Of course I was always careful though and never let my bag out of my sight etc. I just had my purse in my handbag, might be a bit different carrying it in a backpack as you can’t watch it as well - maybe you could lock it in your bag? I brought along a money belt just in case, but never used it. I found it was a bit too hot to wear under my clothes! I generally put a bit of cash in different places just in case the worst did happen, and carried a spare bank card in my pack too. Maybe bring along a money belt and see how you feel when you’re tavelling


That’s what I thought - that the weather would be too hot for a money belt…so I figure I’m just getting an anti-theft backpack and will keep money in other places as well (eg. suitcase) just in case…PLUS you always scan copies of your passport, insurances and other key documents and save them online so you always have access if the worst does happen! Well thats my plan - anyone got a different suggestion?