Money back


Does anyone know when we get our money back for booking before Dec 31?


Im not sure if this is what you mean, but i booked before dec 31 and got 7.5% discount so that just came off the total price.


We were the same as Joanne and booked before 31 December and got the 7.5% discount off the price… So there is no money back… Isn’t that how it would work for everyone?


I was told I had to pay the full price before dec 31 then I’ll get money back but I’ll check the price I paid!


Hi Gabrielle!

The discount would have been added to your booking at the time of booking so the final price would be the discounted amount. You would have received an invoice so just double check the balance and if there are any problems, just get in touch with our reservations team

Let me know if you have any other queries!


Topdeck Team